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Pyrotechnics and Strawberry Infused Vodka

Bremerton knows how to blow stuff up. (Photos: Eric Adams) Bremerton's Bridge Blast, held annually on the Saturday before the Fourth of July, draws the whole town down to the waterfront with food vendors, live music, and a top-notch fireworks display. The normally tranquil marina fills up with visiting boats, and crowds pack the breakwater to watch the pyrotechnics launched from the entire span of the nearby Manette bridge. This year a dozen friends spent the sunny evening with us. Many, including two who have a Space Needle view, commented that the spectacle was unparalleled in their experience.  Early Saturday morning we biked to pick up the last of our supplies for bún thịt nướng (Vietnamese rice noodle salad with lemongrass grilled pork). On Thursday, I picked up lettuce, basil, carrots, scallions, and cucumbers from my favorite stall at the farmer's market, and Wayne collected limes, lemongrass, and rice noodles at Uwajimaya. We still lacked mint, cilantro, pork