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Galley Remodel Part 1: Emily The Destroyer

Original galley: too small, inefficient use of space Kill all the foam! We decided last year that we wanted to move and expand the galley. We also planned to replace the existing wiring and plumbing throughout the boat, so we knew all of the current infrastructure had to go. Over the summer, Emily started hacking away at the galley, removing a pickup truck load of foam insulation from the old refrigeration compartments. So much foam! 8 layers of 2" thick foam under each refrigeration box and 2-6 layers on each side. Forty years of water damage had worked some evil on the plywood sink surround, but the cabinet face and drawers were still solid. The drawback to all that hardwood cabinetry? It was built to stay there forever, solidly glued and nailed, thus no small feat to extract.  Previous owner covered the water damaged wood backsplash with plastic laminate. The cabin sole is 3/8" of teak and holly, glued onto 3/8" of marine plywood, which is in turn glued onto the floo

Back in the Reading Groove

After two years away from the bookstore, I finally fell back into reading every day in 2021. As of October 1, I had over 60 books under my belt this year. Audiobooks make up the bulk of them because I can work on noisy and/or mindless boat projects and read at the same time.  This list includes every book I finished this year, in order of completion. I often have more than one book going at a time. Sometimes I'll download the library e-book of something I'm reading in paper so I can carry it with me or read in bed without turning on the light.   I enjoyed some of these more than others, but all of them were worth seeing through to the end.  Reminder! sells DRM-free audiobooks and supports the independent bookstore of your choice. Buying through them means a portion of your purchase price stays in your community, and another portion supports a small company in Seattle. Subscription is the way to go, but you can also buy individual titles without a membership. Scamazon