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Intro Don't Skimp Dough Recipe Fillings Pizza Sauce Recipe Roll Rectangle Dough Construction Stromboli are hard to find in Seattle. Sometimes we'll be lured by a menu listing stromboli only to discover a calzone or sandwich in its place.  So far we've only found one reliable option to quell our stromboli desires: Anita's Place at Boston's in Bremerton.  We've eaten many delicious meat pockets there, but they changed hands a few months ago. Wayne read some unfavorable reviews of the new menu, but we have found that restaurant reviews in Bremerton don't generally agree with our tastes. We decided that empirical testing was required. Previously, I'd never felt the slightest urge to linger. The remodeled space is inviting, with more comfortable chairs and cloth napkins on the tables.  There are books on the windowsills next to the tables. We leafed through  Lonely Planet's  Epic Bike Rides of the World  while we waited for our take

Sewing Project: Burner Belt

The beloved belt.  Wayne bought a burner belt three years ago. He has worn it almost daily, and this puzzle box of pockets carries all of his essential stuff. Last summer he lamented its impending demise. The linings of several pockets had worn through, and his fixes with gear repair tape wore out quickly. As soon as we bought a sewing machine, he suggested that I might be able to repair it. I added it to the long list of sewing projects and promptly forgot about it. The calendar turned to spring, and like magic the sun returned. "I miss my burner belt," he said. All winter he has worn a hoodie with a million pockets , designed for the nerd on the go. Seriously, this thing can carry a full-sized ipad, and it manages to not look weird and lumpy. For winter, it's impressive. In summer, it will be oppressive. In April, I decided to tackle reproducing this beloved bag. I spent an hour or two sketching out the layers, trying to figure out where all those flaps and zip