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Salad of the Summer, 2023 Version

Spring arrives and thoughts drift to fresh produce, less clothing, and all things fecundity. Emily and I get into food themes, and we keep making variations on that theme. Like tacos (every food delivered in a taco). Curries. Thai. Indian. Maki/temaki (every food delivered in a roll or handroll). Bánh Cuốn (every food... you get the idea). We also get into seasonal salads and tend to crack out on one salad any given summer. I'm calling it now: the 2023 Salad of the Summer is Thai Peanut Sauce Slaw. For me (Wayne), what makes any given recipe a daily driver is its ability to adapt to what one has on hand. This is not a recipe, per se , but rather a guideline to leverage what is available. This is one of those guidelines. If you think it fits in a salad or slaw, it goes in here. Apologies for anyone looking for an actual peanut sauce. I always bullshitspiration my way through a peanut sauce. And I am always happy. The DuckDuck will deliver you more peanut sauce recipes than you