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Where It Started, Where It Is Now: The Saloon Edition

View of the saloon from the companionway. Water tanks exposed, galley and furniture removed. Water tanks out. Cleaning, before and after. Dry fit of the new tank stringer. The outboard spaces will be accessible storage. Fairing, fairing, and some more fairing. The more durable the paint, the nastier it is. Tank stringers glassed in, almost done with saloon bilges and hull. That's a room air conditioner to the right, courtesy of Tom Heller. It's been a game-changer for being able to work in the summer heat. We are back to having real working times with the epoxies.

Where It Started, Where It Is Now: The Galley Edition

  Galley range alcove, looking port, October 2018.  Minus the range. Doesn't clean up half badly. Getting rid of the old fridge and freezer. There was at least 12 inches of foam on all sides.  One box down, one to go. Crappy galley sink removal, October 2021. Rotted countertop removal. Looking aft into the former galley, May 2022. Cleaning the galley bilge, looking starboard, August 2022. Fairing. That is as clean as the bilge and hull would get.  Almost finished painting, May 2023